Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Damage in Residential Home

Our office received a call from one of our customers due to damage caused by a storm in there dinning room. Wind from the storm had driven rain into their home in the top level of the condominium which resulted to affecting the ceiling, walls, and floors. Our team responded right away and finished the job with another happy customer!

Flood Damage in Houston,TX

After several days of strong rains, a significantly large area of Houston was flooded.           SERVPRO of East Brownsville & South Padre Island responded and managed to mitigate more than 20 homes. Our water mitigation specialists performed at the highest level, when facing a situation that called for it.

Microbial Growth in Ceiling after days of being affected by Storm

Due to the number of residents forced to evacuate certain areas impacted by Harvey, mold growth was common once they returned to assess the damages.

Ceilings and walls remained wet for days with no power or access to them.  This called for more aggressive measures once we took were called in.  Still with extensive demolition in their homes they felt blessed that theirs were still standing.

Storm Affecting Roof Caused Ceiling Collapse in Port Aransas Tx

Storm Harvey took its toll on this Condo when its wind blew a portion of the roof off.  The kitchen ceiling collapsed and the water affected all the rooms in the structure.

The tenant was on vacation and she had to cut it short and fly back to take care of this issue.  Disaster happens at anytime but we were there to help her deal with the situation.

Kitchen wall and structure flooring removed due to Storm

Storms blew a portion of the roof off and allowed rainwater to intrude into the structure in Corpus Christi Texas.  All the flooring was pulled and a portion of the kitchen was demoed.  

The damages were considerably light compared to the structures affected closer to the water.

Storm Flood Cut in Port Aransas Tx

Storm Harvey produced devastating effects in most of the properties close to the water.  This structure suffered 2 ft of standing water for 3 days.

We removed the contents from the bottom floor and demolished 4 ft of drywall throughout.  It took us 4 days to dry the stud work and complete disinfection.  He felt lucky he still had a home that was dry-able and not blown away by storm.