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Fire: Before & After

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FIRE: Clean-Up Services

Count on SERVPRO of East Brownsville & South Padre Island, for the clean-up and restoration process! 

Fire Damage In Brownsville, TX Restaurant

SERVPRO Of East Brownsville & South Padre Island responded to a fire which engulfed the adjacent establishment to this restaurant in Brownsville Tx.  The smoke and soot completely affected the neighboring businesses.  Here we see how the soot settled on the Restaurant Tables once the salt, pepper and sugars were removed.  

Fire Damage In Rio Hondo TX

SERVPRO of East Brownsville & South Padre Island responded to an emergency call about fire damage.

SERVPRO arrived and found the entire structure affected by soot.         

Our team started the services with the pack out of the contents and moved them to our storage facility. Afterwards, under the instructions of the adjuster we proceeded to demolish the drywall, cabinets, insulation and ceramic tile in the entire home.                                                               

The demolition took us approximately three weeks to finish, the next step was deodorization and seal the stud work with 2 coats of shellac. Immediately after this, we start the re-construction.

Electrical Outlet Caused Fire in Garage-Brownsville Tx

An Electrical Outlet in the garage had a short circuit and caused a fire that ignited a section of the garage wall and ceiling.  Intense smoke filled the home from some plastic contents that were burning.

We ended up gutting the garage and removing the homes insulation.  The interior of the structure had to be cleaned and deodorized along with the contents.  The job process took 10 days and was ready for repairs.  Customer was happy they could return back into their home while the garage repairs began.

Candle Burned through Wood Table and affected structure

A candle managed to turn over and ignite a wood table where it sat.  The fire was contained to just that piece of furniture and was caught before it could spread.

The finishes on the table and materials produced heavy smoke that affected the entire home.  The customer could not believe the extent of the soot damage in their home.  

We cleaned and deodorized the home in 7 days and the customer very pleased it was so fast.

Microwave Short Circuit led to Fire in Laguna Vista Texas

The microwave short circuit ignited the kitchen cabinets and melted onto the range.  Smoke filled the home and penetrated all textiles and contents.

The entire Fire Clean Up including contents and textiles took 14 days.  Customer was extremely pleased.

Residential Grease Fire in Brownsville Texas

A kitchen grease fire ignited the upper cabinets, ceiling and insulation.  Fire department extinguished the fire causing ceiling collapse and water damage in 40 percent of the structure.  

Demolition and dryout was completed in 3 days and the structure and contents cleaning took 10 days.  Repairs followed and in a total of 27 days the customer was back in their home.