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Mold remediation in Port Aransas, TX

Last week, Our SERVPRO Of East Brownsville & South Padre Island responded to a call for mold remediation in our clients bathroom. The mold started to grow due to a pipe line leak in their bathroom. Our team dehumidified the area and removed the mold quickly "Like it never even happened."

Mold damage in local Brownsville commercial building

Our office had received a call in regards to mold spreading throughout our clients commercial business. When our team arrived at the building the mold had already spread throughout the wall very badly As you can see, our technician removed the wall and replaced and cleaned the area properly. Now our client wont have another mold problem again in a long time!

Mold Growth in Residential HVAC Ducts

Customer had concerns that he had microbial growth in his ducts.  When we inspected we did find most of the ducting showed growth spotting.  

We provided a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of his ducts and coil.  The home smelled fresher and the customer was impressed with the results.  He requested an annual cleaning service.  Another satisfied customer!

Condensation in Closet leads to Mold Growth

Customer was re-arranging his closet and discovered mold growth due to condensation by his HVAC system.  He called us to provide service and ended up removing the affected materials, remediating and repairing his closet.  His HVAC contractor removed the vent from his closet and added it to his master bedroom.

At the end it solved his issue and he was happy it was confined to that small section of his home and that it did not spread throughout.  

Mold in Local Business Caused by continuous water losses

The condition of the building and continuous water infiltration caused mold to form behind the wood paneling through most of the building.   The issues were corrected and we were called in to perform the Mold Remediation Services for this building.

It caused for major demolition, hepa vacuuming and treatment of the remaining stud work.  We encapsulated the open cavities before the repairs started.  The IH cleared the structure and the customer was very pleased.

Seal on Structure in Brownsville,TX

Our team performed an inspection for this home, and found suspicious stains all over of the structure. At the time of inspection, the home was under construction.

Our Client requested immediate service, which consisted of, the application of antimicrobial and applying a encapsulator to all stud work.

With the team of 4 technicians we finished in about 7 days with complete satisfaction of the client.