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Commercial Water Damage in Your Business

11/2/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage in Your Business Commercial Water Damage in Your Business | SERVPRO® of East Brownsville & South Padre Island

Water damage in your business can be devastating, and it can start in so many different ways, both internal and external.

A pipe that bursts, a leaky roof, a sprinkler system that fails or a flooded bathroom can result in excessive amounts of damage. You could take a loss in your inventory, have an entire floor destroyed or even end up shutting down your business for an undeclared amount of time.

External sources of water can also be extremely detrimental. We have never been strangers to flooding, whether from heavy rains, storm surge or other coastal flooding. South Padre Island has experienced hurricanes that left homes drenched.

With our risk factors so high, the more we can prepare before a flood, the faster and safer we can recover afterward.

Know Your Building’s Layout

To prevent extensive damages to your property, learning the layout of your building is one of the best steps you can take. Locate the shutoffs for the sprinkler system and the main water line so that you can turn water off quickly in the event of a leak.

Take the time to educate your employees or any businesses that may rent from you with this same information so that there are multiple people who can take care of shutting water off if it becomes necessary.

Know the Types of Water Involved

If your building is affected by a flood, it is important to understand the kind of water you are facing so that you can keep everyone safe.

White water. White water typically comes from plumbing sources. This type of flooding is not considered contaminated or harmful, and in small amounts you can handle the cleanup on your own.

Gray water. When you have an overflow from a toilet tank or sink, it results in a flood of water that is called gray water. This type of flooding is considered contaminated, but it is not dangerous.

Black water. Sewage backups and storms are the most common sources of flooding that are considered contaminated and dangerous. This kind of toxic water needs professional cleanup in order to be handled correctly so that everyone involved stays safe.

Take Action Quickly

If flooding does happen, the faster you can respond, the more you can mitigate your losses. Locate the source of the water so that you can shut off any water valves involved.

Open the windows and doors around the flooded area in order to increase air circulation and promote drying, and alert everyone in the building so that they can stay away from the affected area.

As soon as you are able, document the damage. Take pictures and make notes to assist you when you file your insurance claim, and consider areas of your building that could need additional reinforcements in order to prevent another event from happening.

Remember to Be Patient

The flooding damage that you can see is generally only surface level. Keep an eye out for deeper water damage by checking the walls and floors. Mold and buckled spots on the floor are red flags that will need to be taken care of quickly.

If you do experience flooding, call SERVPRO of East Brownsville/South Padre Island. Our trained professionals are available 247 with the industry-leading equipment to get your recovery started as soon as possible.

The process to dry floodwaters can take a good deal of time according to how much damage you have obtained, so be patient as we work to sanitize your building. Our team will work with you through the entire process so that you can get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

When disaster strikes your commercial property, we’ll be there to help clean up and get you back in business quickly. Reach out 247 to get started!

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